About the Author:

    I write under the pen name MUDMAN (Mudman), the definition can be found under the poetry link.  Ever since sixth grade my passion for writing, as a hobby, has grow unchecked.  Eventually I decided it was a shame that I had all these works just sitting around so this website has now become my outlet so that others can read the things I so carefully assembled.



About my writing:

    I believe very strongly about many things and can sometimes be over dramatic.  Some things that can be viewed about my writing are the recurring themes such as injustice, love, and hate.  An example would be one of my works about the Iraq war.  I have a lot to say, and I'm not afraid to say it.  Therefore, many of my works will blatantly state my distaste for the issue.  Do not let this deter you from reading them for every work has a deeper meaning about the issue at hand.  Think back to your days of schooling... think about symbolism, no author writes outright what they mean, especially in poetry.  Some would say we, as poets, beat around the bush, I would say that we leave the interpretation up to the reader.



Things to keep in mind:

    I'm writing these things mostly out of my bedroom on a laptop so expect some typos.  Feel free to contact me about any you catch (email), I'll try to be good about proof reading my work before I put it up on the web. Have an open mind about all the works.  They mean something to me, but they may very well mean something else to you.  Don't focus on the words, or what my meaning may have been.  Rather, focus on your own thoughts that may have been brought forward from them.

This weeks featured work (10-1-08):

1. Fatal Spin