In our world, past; present; future, there are many craftsmen very good in their arts. One of the most under appreciated crafts is poetry and the ability to methodically create something from nothing. All other craftsmen start with something, be it a piece of steel to be forged into a sword, or clay to be molded into a pot. A poet takes thoughts and creates wonders. No where will I say that I am a great poet or even a good poet. I don't do this for recognition, I do it because I have something to say and I truly have a strong admiration for what poets do. Over a year ago my English teacher made me try something new. He made the entire class keep a writers notebook (a marble bound composition book). We were given assignments to do in the book. The teacher also said that if we had an idea; a story; or a poem we wanted to write that we could feel free to do so in it. Since that day I have continued to write poems about things I feel. Sometimes I sit and think my poems through, other times a muse catches my attention calling forth inspiration. Anyway, enough rambling here is some of my work in no particular order:

1. The Mouth of the River

2. Greed: The face that launched 1,000 ships

3. For strength we’ll fight; for love we’ll die

4. Love is now, you are forever

5. Cost of loving

6. Stepping stone

7. Misery

8. Futile

9. Supernal

10. Into The Maw

11. Impenetrable; Indomitable; A wall 

 12. Say You’re Mine 

13. A vast expanse of nothingness 

14. Need 

15. Nowhere To Go But Down 

16. Can (Can’t) Not 

17. One for the Juliet’s 

18. Sinking to the bottom 

19. The Ultimate Weapon

20. It’s just what I do

21. Heart Over Heals

22. CFT

23. Window pain

24. The Freelance

25. "?"

26. From A Kiss

27. Streams Of Conciousness

28. Together

29. Sham

30. Subtly

31. Forbidden Love

32. Rippling Covers


34. Amber Fangs

35. Heaven

36. Sorry Hun [I lied], But You’ll Need To Back The ‘Eff Off

37. I wish I could Fade

38. Her

39. Not all poems have names

40. Haiku (1)

41. The battle for life

Bonus:Trade: Love for Hate