Tip of the Spear

This is my first shot at a novel. I started it and finished with my intended ending. I am now in the process of editing. For now the prologue is all that has been posted. I don't want to put up the entire piece until I'm sure it's ready. So until that day this teaser should catch your attention.


National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo) is something that one of my friends recommended to me. He knew I liked to write. It's something that I would have loved to be more involved with unfortunately I was too engrossed on my other novel to go very far with this (although I will one day return to finish what I started). Every year in the month of November writers from around the world attempt to write a 175 page novel within a month. On November 30th, midnight, the lines close. This contest is not against anyone but yourself, and the clock. I highly recommend it, its a great exercise and a lot of fun. To learn more visit NanoWrimo.