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Halloween is celebrated by more and more folks each year in the Western World. It's a great time for a number of kids activities including trick-or-treating, haunted houses, bonfires, carving jack-o-lanterns and more. Adults are starting to enjoy halloween more, as well. Sales of Halloween Decorations and halloween costumes is on the rise year after year. With the holiday falling on the weekend for 2008 and the next few years, the halloween holiday is looking to pull even more dollars into the holiday pool. In recent years, costumers have really enjoyed quite a selection of new halloween costume ideas. While the traditional Kids Costumes such as witches and pirates will always be popular, Adult Costumes are becoming mainstream these days.

Sexy Costumes offer a wide variety of costume ideas for adults including everything from vampires and Elvira to Spongebob. There are many costume accessories available these days as well. You'll find makeup, shoes and

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    For those looking for a lighter side of halloween, check out the Funny Costumes or the Superhero Costumes. A Batman or Superman costume is still a very popular choice especially in light of recent box office movies.

    Traditional Witch Costumes and Pirate Costumes are the favorite picks for Kids Halloween Costumes. For more information on the history of Halloween, try Halloween history.

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