Subject: Re: yowzer!

Jester, is now accessible to the general population.

Lots of new faces in the Romper Room as well ... are you able to put fingers to keyboard on a follow-up to Yzark?

I'm not sure how you want me to do this. Do you want a follow-up review, or do you want me to retort my own review?

No. Not at all. You see, the reason I suggested a follow-up was because of this statement:

"And, with conventional instrumentation (acoustic guitars, live drums), this tends to create a commonality of percussion throughout every song on the album. They all run together. "

Since two drummers split the playing on 7 of the songs and 2 of the songs have no drums, I found it odd. And then to say:

"Also, with the vocals, try as they might to become creative, I can't help but feel they are falling back on old hack lyrics from the past. It could be the lack of depth of the work."

Lack of depth? Falling back on old hack lyrics? The music is not written before-hand. It is written and recorded as you hear it. We haven't played cover tunes in smelly bars for the last ump-teen years. How can we be falling back on something we've never done?

Sorry about the lateness in my response ... life sucks hard lately ....

No problem. Gives ya more time to let the tunes sink into the ole' membrane. While I'm waiting, I could press you a copy of The Electric Slugs, "Join The Slugfest." I lent a hand on that project, as well. Perhaps it will suit your taste?

In fact, now that I think about it, we're looking for a new Guinea Pig. Why not have you "give it a go?" Have you any recording or listening equipment? Like a sound card in your computer or a cassette deck? Here is what I'm thinking, we take you and The Electric Slugs tape ... upon your first listening, you will also record yourself on top of it. You needn't do anything fancy ... just try and play along somehow. Maybe you play the spoons, or buy a $4 harmonica, or whatever. What do you say? Can't be too busy -- total time investment is one hour of recording time (as you don't even listen to the tape until you record your overdubs).

Baxters' review of "Join the Slugfest" is scheduled to appear here in May. Perhaps the two of you wouldn't mind if I brought a new player into your corner of the Romper Room? And, we can see if the Renegade has anything to add. In fact we should send him a tape, too.

While I am at it, how about I talk with Geffen Records (soon to be ) about publishing their letters on the Slugs? We could put some of the Jester's sound clips up on the web, too. It might help propel this Romper Room rocket into new directions. After all, we can go anywhere you like with it ... whatever "it" may be.

... the Jester takes his case to court ....