Yzark's "Orwellian Tendencies"

Hypnotic Trance
Nobody's Home
King of Police
Bottomless Pit
Your Assets Won't Deceive You
I Got Social Problems

(Hint: Go down to the .19M sound clip and "click" on the larger, .19M, sound clip first. Then read the text. Just don't click on anything else until the download is finished, or you will crack it into little pieces. See "Hints" for more ideas.)

This band, along with other's on it's tiny label, has a very unique style of music, all the music and the lyrics are written live. The concept is great, all the artists have complete control of their work, from start to finish. All the music is impromptu, and in theory, devoid from outside influence. However, after a quick listen through this tape, even with all the merits behind the construction of the music do not make up for the gaping fallacies in the end result of music written this way. By creating an impromptu mood, artists tend to create the same music over, and over, and with conventional instrumentation (acoustic guitars, live drums) this tends to create a commonality of percussion throughout every song on the album, they all run together. Also, with the vocals, try as they might to become creative, I can't help but feel they are falling back on old hack lyrics from the past. It could be the lack of depth of the work, or ignorance on my part, but what conceptually sounds like a great musical idea, falls flat on it's face in reality.

Perhaps another listen or two might allow enough time for the flow of blood back into your grey matter. It's rare that I ever play the guitar. Rarer still that I play it with a violin bow ... while singing. (.19M) Therefor, the idea that all the songs sound the same is a strange idea, indeed. Is a bowed guitar conventional instrumentation? And since I am not a guitarist, how can I be copying someone else's riffs? Each song is just as individual. I'd love to hear what you think after becoming familiar with the music.