The Hypocritical Oath
(to Help Me Be a Better Human)

A human is an omnivore that eats both plants and animals. In his pursuit of food, man has destroyed his habitat. I found myself being part of the problem by being a hypocrite. Here are some of the ways I found myself being hypocritical.

I am a hypocrite when:

I am for the war on terror and pro-human rights
I am using electricity and against nuclear power
I am a vegetarian and pro-earth (pro-earth = humans and their habitat)
I am pro-organic and pro-earth
I am a consumer that complains about producers
I am a citizen that complains about public servants
I complain about "the system" but am addicted to it
I am a humanitarian who plans on protecting my loved ones
I take money to teach unconditional giving
I ask you to apologize for your opinion about my beliefs

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