heeehe... one of these days I wanna tell the whole story of in a nutshell... there was a john the Baptist... rantin' and ravin' about repentin' before we bring on the end.

at first... hardly anyone stopped to listen... but, then... hundreds of people stopped by

however, they still mostly just passed through

it wasn't that long, though, before the masses grew... and some in the crowd yelled back:

"yeah, yeah, yeah. we hear ya spoutin' and shoutin'... so what shall we do? what do you suggest? what are your rules for living?"

da humanana

john was not expecting anyone to really pay attention

so john goes to Buddha and asks "by what rules shall we live"

Buddha answered:

"Have fun doing the right thing."

thus, the birth of

the concept was applied to the website... and the first website of it's kind emerged... an interactive game/test meant to help the world learn to have fun doing the right thing.

you might call it a humanity conditioning program

and, I find it kinda funny... how everyone seems to see it different.