Guitar Hero Played Live

The Single: Do Not Blow It

From the second album, Play With It. Recorded using the Guitar Hero World Tour Music Studio.

Do Not Blow It (aka Do Not Below It) has a funny story to tell as it relates to publishing the song. Yes, it is true we enjoy double double entendre innuendos. But, this one didn't seem to fit the bill for censorship. Do Not Blow It was named after the fact that it is difficult song to play on Guitar Hero. It's really advice to myself and others who want to try to play it... do not blow it. However, when the song was uploaded to GH Tunes, they refused based on the name. Hmmm... what to do? Since the previous song was titled Up Under It, why not rename the song Do Not Below It? Microsoft's censors excepted the name. Now, there are two titles for the song. You choose.

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