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  • Career Scope Aptitude Testing Solutions CareerScope Version 8.5 - Now Available! The popular software for self-administered assessment of career interests and aptitudes now includes a new Career Cluster/Pathway Summary Report that connects the evaluee's interest and aptitude profiles to the U.S. Department of Education Career Cluster/Pathway system. Also new in this version is a group statistics report, enhanced database management and search capabilities, improved User Guide navigation, and updated O*NET and SOC information.

    • CareerScope English w/Spanish allows practitioners to more effectively assess individuals whose Spanish language capabilities exceed their English language capabilities. The Interest Inventory items as well as items on two text-based Aptitude tasks are presented in Spanish text.

    • CareerScope Audio supplies a friendly voice that assists those with low reading levels in completing CareerScope.

  • WorkPlace Mentor is a comprehensive system for planning effective community-based assessment for persons with special needs or limited work histories. Intelligent database software supports collaboration between job seekers and practitioners to facilitate the systematic matching of critical consumer characteristics with job demands.

  • WinAt-Work - NEW! - An interactive technology-based learning program that teaches employability (soft) skills for career and personal growth. With WinAt-Work, learners interact in engaging, video-based, non-threatening situations where they make decisions and see immediate consequences of their choices. The result is improved skills along with increased confidence and self-esteem - keys to winning at work!

  • ES-TIP (Employability Skills Training and Implementation Program) is a software-based learning system that helps build self-esteem, work ethics and workplace success for consumers with little to no work experience and/or minimal academic skills. ES-TIP addresses the skills and knowledge necessary for an effective job search while promoting positive strategies and attitudes essential for job retention and career advancement.

  • CareerScope Interest Inventory for Windows®. The CSII is a self-administered interest assessment designed to conform to the National Career Development Association's guidelines.

  • Vocational Research Interest Inventory is a paper and pencil vocational interest inventory that is available in both Engish (VRII) and Spanish (IIIV).

Currently, VRI instruments are used in a full spectrum of human development settings including public schools, workforce development centers, correctional facilities, rehabilitation, allied health and medical facilities, private industry, and agencies serving the physically, mentally, socially and educationally challenged.

Feel free to contact our staff through this site or by phone at 800-874-5387 for information or assistance in selecting the products best suited for your application.

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