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495 Easton Rd - Route 611 - Horsham PA 19044 - (215) 672-4180
STORE HOURS: Monday - Friday 1:00 - 9:00 · Saturday 10:00 - 6:00

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It's fun! It's easy! And it's very safe. Now you can join millions before you who have discovered the splendor of the Underwater World. Our experienced, professional staff can lead you into this exciting new world where you can swim with a dolphin, pet a sea lion, or ride a manta ray. And you don't need to be a top athlete or have a fat checkbook to do it.

Our basic Openwater Scuba Diver Course is designed with you, the non-diver, in mind. Absolutely no experience is necessary. We start with the basics, teaching you proper snorkeling skills. This is the basis for many of your scuba diving skills. Even if you are an experienced snorkeler, you will learn many valuable techniques and will unlearn a few bad habits that you have probably acquired along the way. You will be introduced you to scuba equipment right away, so that you will actually be diving (in the pool) right from the beginning. And you will love it.

Our courses are conducted several different ways. Normally, a course is 10 three-hour sessions conducted one or two nights a week. (Be wary of those conducting 6 session courses. It is really not enough time to make you comfortable and safe.) each one of our sessions will be half classroom and half pool. We hold these sessions in the evenings at a facility near you. If your schedule does not allow you to take this type of class, we also hold weekend courses and private courses. A weekend course is 4 sessions, 7 - 8 hours per session. We have 15 experienced instructors, conducting classes at over 12 different facilities (YMCAs, Adult Schools, etc.). You can see the starting dates of our upcoming courses by clicking here.

The course will cover such topics as equipment, diving physics and physiology (how do I keep my ears from hurting when I go deep?), dive planning, dive safety,avoiding the bends, marine life and environment (Should I be afraid of sharks?). In the pool, we will teach you snorkeling skills, proper fin kicks, clearing water from your mask, snorkel or regulator, proper ascent and descent techniques, and buoyancy control. Then you will be ready to leave the pool and go to openwater!

At this point, you need to de two days of openwater dives. These dives are conducted locally, at the Lake, or can be done on a trip to the islands (See our travel section). You will do a minimum of four dives, escorted and supervised by our staff. During these dives you will perform some of the same skills that you learned in the pool. You will experience slightly greater depths, put dive planning into practice, see some fish and have a great time. At the point when you are a safe and comfortable diver, our instructor will issue your well earned certification card and you are ready for a whole new world of adventure.

The Cost
The best part is that it can cost less than one month's payment on you car or a week worth of ski lift tickets. The cost varies slightly with each facility for whom we teach, so give us a call for details. But for planning purposes, you can figure about $175 - 195 for the course itself. This covers the cost of the equipment used, the instructor's fees and the cost for the use of the pool. We also recommend that you purchase our training packet which is $65.00 If you choose to do your certification dives with us, the charge is $225.00 and includes all the equipment that you need plus your instructor fees, plus your certification fee to get your certification card issued. There are reasons that we keep these charges separate rather than bundling them into one fee. If several people in the family are taking the course, you do not need a book packet for each one. And if you choose to do your certification dives in the islands, then the cost is different. The costs are spread out a little. You need to pay for the course when you register, the book packet when you receive it, and the certification fee when you do your certification dives. So the cost is spread out over several months.

Also to keep the costs down we have special equipment discounts for students who would like to purchase their own equipment. It is a good idea to purchase your equipment during the course. You can read an article relating to this by clicking here.

You can register by calling the store (215-672-4180) or sending your check to Underwater World, Inc. 495 Easton Road, Horsham, PA 19044.


The Advanced Openwater Course is a two or three-day course designed to take a certified student who is a competent diver and make him/her into a confident diver. We work on advanced buoyancy control, navigation and dive planning, as well as ocean/boat diving. The cost is only $150. And it will be the most fun you ever had learning. You will do a minimum of six dives over two days. You will do a night dive, a couple of buoyancy dives, a deep dive, and a couple of navigation dives. We also recommend that you sign up for one of our ocean dives and make two supervised ocean dives. Check the schedule on our Instruction Page.