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495 Easton Rd - Route 611 - Horsham PA 19044 - (215) 672-4180
STORE HOURS: Monday - Friday 1:00 - 9:00 · Saturday 10:00 - 6:00


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"Underwater World offers a complete line-up of courses, from Openwater to Instructor. We teach Underwater Photography, Equipment Specialist, Advanced Openwater, Master Diver, Diver Rescue, and more. Our staff of 12 instructors, including 2 full-time Instructors, can guide you along the path to being an expert diver. Look below for some of our courses or call us if you need something that you do not see".

Scuba Diver · Scuba Camp
Advanced Scuba Diver Course
Nitrox · Underwater Photography
Equipment Specialist Course · Dive Rescue
First Aid / CPR Course · DAN Oxygen Provider Course
Rebreather Course · Dry Suit Course · Intro to Jersey Diving
Reef Fish Identification & Behavior
Master Diver · Divemaster & Assistant Courses
NAUI Instructor Course

Scuba Diver Courses

With the Dive season upon us, it is time to get your friends or loved ones certified. And you get the advantage of gaining a dive buddy with your gift. Our courses are the most complete courses offered in this area. It usually involves ten sessions whereas many other courses only involve 6 sessions. The is 66% more instruction for the same price. And the important part is that you will come out of our courses competent to dive. There is no sense wasting time and money if you are not going to feel comfortable enough to go diving. We will get you there. Courses are starting regularly at most of our locations. That includes Hatboro, Doylestown, Newtown, Levittown, Southampton, Abington, Ambler, and more. We also teach at LaSalle University and Temple University. Call us for dates and details. Think Gift Certificate. For more detailed information about our Scuba Diver Course, Click here.

9/3/2008 Wednesdays Ambler YMCA $185
9/3/2008 Wednesdays Hatboro YMCA $185
9/4/2008 Thursdays Northeast YMCA $180
9/15/2008 Mondays/Wednesdays Abington High School $185
9/8/08 Mondays Simmons Elementary $180
9/9/2008 Tuesdays Klinger Middle School $180
9/23/2008 Tuesdays/Thursdays Central Bucks South High School $175
10/04,10/11, 10/18, 10/25/2008 Saturdays Doylestown YMCA $195
11/2/2008 Sundays Northeast YMCA $180

Scuba Camp

An adventure to jumpstart your child's imagination. Let you child learn the skills necessary to become a certified scuba diver while enjoying the fun and fellowship with other children their ages. Underwater World in a joint effort with Elbow Lane Day Camp is offering a scuba course designed and taught specifically for the young diver. This course is offered for your 10 to 16 year old children and taught by professional instructors from Underwater World. Held at the Elbow Lane facility in Warrington, this will be an ideal chance for your child to experience the sense of adventure and exploration that scuba diving offers. The course will be offered during the week of June 16 - 20 and again August 18 - 22 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. The course which is 27 1/2 hours long encompasses such subjects as mask clearing, regulator clearing, proper kicks, proper use of scuba equipment, diving physiology, dive planning, marine environment and marine life. Strong emphasis is placed on safe diving techniques and planning within physical and age limitations. Divers are taught the importance of buddy diving and also the importance of evaluating the diving conditions before entering the water or continuing the dive. Certification dives are necessary to complete certification as they are with any other course. Request a brochure and we will send you the details

6/15 - 6/19/2009 Monday - Friday Elbow Lane Day Camp $225
8/17 - 8/21/2009 Monday - Friday Elbow Lane Day Camp $225

Advanced Openwater Course

The smartest thing to do after you complete your basic course is to sign up for an Advanced Openwater Course. The course will give you the opportunity to complete six more dives under the supervision of one of our instructors. Our goal is to take a competent diver and make him into a confident diver. We will do more work on buoyancy, navigation, night diving, and more. We also recommend that you join us for an optional boat dive. While, in the winter months, we only run these courses during trips, you should definately be planning to take this course either on one of our trips or when we start our regular schedule of Advanced courses again in May. Scheduled courses are listed below but we will be adding many more as the season draws closer. The cost of the course will be $150.00

September 10, 2008 September 13 & 14, 2008 Hugh McIntyre
September 18, 2008 September 20 & 21, 2008 John Governale

Speciality Courses

Nitrox · Underwater Photography
Equipment Specialist Course · Dive Rescue
First Aid / CPR Course · DAN Oxygen Provider Course
Rebreather Course · Dry Suit Course · Intro to Jersey Diving
Reef Fish Identification & Behavior
Master Diver · Divemaster & Assistant Courses
NAUI Instructor Course

Rescue Course 10/4 & 10/5/2008 $225.00 2 Days
Underwater Photography 9/16/2008 $125.00 4 Nights
Nitrox 9/18 & 9/25/2008 $100.00 2 nights
Equipment Specialist Course 9/10, 2008 $110.00 3 Nights
Divemaster 9/12/2008 $225.00 6 Nights, 2 Days
NAUI Instructor Course 10/2008 $1295.00 90 hours

Let us take the magic out of Nitrox for you. If Nitrox seems confusing or dangerous or "technical" to you, let us bring you the benefits with out the need to be a rocket scientist. Let us show you how simple it can be. Look at the schedule above. The cost is only $100 plus books. Join the growing number of divers using Nitrox to safely extend bottom times and eliminate decompression stops.

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Underwater Photography
Whether your mom wonders why you love diving so much or your friends get glassy eyed when you mention bringing out the pictures of your last dive trip, this is the course to take. You can learn to take underwater photos or improve your skills and have a good time doing it. The course covers equipment and technique and accommodates a wide variety of skill levels. You can use your own equipment or we will supply it. We do three nights of class and one night in the pool. Call now and register.

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Equipment Specialist Course
If you are the type of person that likes to know how things work, this is a good course for you. We will spend three nights working on regulators, bcs, valves, etc. We will teach you how to recognize a problem and how to determine if you can resolve it in the field. It will make you more confident in the equipment that you are using, because you will understand it. Give this course a try, you will find it fascinating. Look at the schedule above for the upcoming courses. The cost is $110.00

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Rebreather Course
"Hear" the Silent World. Or actually hear how silent the silent world is. For those of you who do not go that far back, "Silent World" was Jacques Cousteau's first book. The problem was that with scuba, it was not a silent world. Bubbles rumbled past our ears and spooked the fish and, from a military standpoint, showed the enemy where our divers were. The military, realizing that this was a problem, developed the rebreather, which not only did away with the bubbles but also extended their air time up to six hours. Well, now rebreathers have come to the sport diving industry. We have been using the Drager Dolphin unit which has a 24 cubic bottle and would last you about two hours, regardless of depth. Compare that to twin 95's which would last you about 45 minutes at depth. You are talking about carrying 200 pounds of tanks (2 sets of twin 95's). Instead, you are carrying about 20 pounds. And it is not as complicated as many people have made it sound. Like Nitrox, they act like there is some magic to it. And I have to tell you, with no bubbles, you can get right up to the creatures. It is amazing. This Intro night wii give you the opportunity to try it out in the pool before deciding to take the course. The course would be one night of classroom, one night in the pool and four openwater dives with the rebreather. You do need a Nitrox certification prior to taking the course. Click here to get information on our Nitrox Course. You will find this course a new adventure into a whole new realm of diving.

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Intro to Jersey Diving
If you want to bring home some lobster (bugs), this is a good course for you. You will learn about Boat Etiquette, Down Lines, Up Lines, and Navigation. We will do 1 day of diving at beautiful Dutch Springs and 1 day of boat diving off New Jersey. The cost is $125.00 and includes the boat dive.

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First Aid / CPR Course
This is the first step towards a Dive Rescue Certification and it is a course we should all take. You never know when it will come in handy. And it does not have to be dive related. This is good, every day information. It is two nights long and costs $100.00 Sign up now. Courses are held about every 6 weeks. Check above for dates.

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DAN Oxygen Provider Course
This one evening course provides you with the skills necessary to properly provide oxygen in an emergency. You will not only learn technique, but you will get a good idea of how oxygen affects the body and why it is such a miracle drug when used in an emergency. The cost of the course is $100.00.

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Dry Suit Course
Stay warm, stay dry. Extend your dive season. With a dry suit, there is no reason to give up diving because the water gets cold. It is a little trickier diving in a dry suit, so it is important that you get some instruction before venturing into it. The course is $125 and you can apply that amount to the purchase of a suit within 60 days of your course. That makes the course free.

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Reef Fish Identification & Behavior
How often have you wondered what kind of fish it is that you saw on the last dive, or what that fish was doing on the last dive. Well, this course is designed to make you the person that the others will come to ask. Learn the difference between a shy hamlet and and indigo hamlet. Learn why the trumpet fish is swimming along the top of the angelfish. You will find this course both interesting and entertaining. Call now if you are interested.

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Dive Rescue
This is a course that every diver should take. Many people view this course as something that you need if you are going to be a Divemaster or Instructor, but the way we do the course it is helpful to anyone. Not only do you learn how to save someone else, but there is a lot of emphasis on self-rescue. We also look at the problem of dive accident management. You will need First Aid / CPR to get your certification (although you can complete it afterward). Also, if you have O2 Provider, you can get your Advanced Diver Rescue by taking this course.

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Master Diver
For the diver who really wants to pursue the sport the Master Diver Course is perfect. This course involves 7 classroom sessions (including a trip to the recompression chamber at U of P), 5 days of ocean diving and a visit to Dutch Springs to work on some search and recovery techniques. This is an excellent course. Al Twombly will be teaching it this year it starts about June 12th. The cost of the course is $295.00 and you will really enjoy it. Not only will it be a great learning experience, but you will have the opportunity to meet other divers with your enthusiasm for diving. We see new buddy teams develop from this course all the time. Call us now.

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Divemaster & Assistant Courses
These are known as Leadership Courses. The Divemaster course is designed to make a diver eligible to lead dives consisting of certified divers. He/She can lead trips, boat dives, or excursions inland. The Assistant Instructor is one who's interest is more in helping teach scuba or in becoming an instructor. Both of theses courses are scheduled when we have a few divers who would like to take the course. That way we can work it out to everyone's schedule. Give us a call if you are interested. You can be proud to earn one of these certifications.

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NAUI Instructor Course
Join the ranks of the Professionals. Be a Naui Scuba Instructor. This is a pretty intense course. It will take place over one week, with diving to be scheduled. At the end you will be able to teach most of the Naui courses as well as First Aid & CPR. If you have ever thought about living in the islands and diving for a living than you need to be an instructor. Unfortunately, being a Divemaster is not enough for that position. Give me a call if you are interested and we can discuss the details.

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