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Sustainable Living:  Sustainability Index of Resources, Experiments, Studies and Projects

Emissions Trading in the Commodities Markets: Carbon Credits, Offset Progams and Pollution Reduction Systems.  An experiment in emissions trading, peak shavings, carbon credits and other pollution solutions.  From planting trees to energy generation, the articles are an approach to research.

OIL:  world consumption, millions of barrels per day, petroleum, fossil fuels, natural gas, gasoline,
OPEC countries, consumers, politics, governments, money and the search for more efficient transport,
heating and electric.

Climate Change:  What can I do to help fight global warming?

Satellite Measurements of Sea Level Rise:  for years scientists thought global warming was occurring on a linear basis.  However, in 1994 evidence started to suggest human induced climate change is an exponential phenomena.

Energy Per Person:  If I were to donate my body to science, how much energy could be produced from my mass?

Energy & Global Warming FactsAlmost all scientist agree that global warming is a problem.  What can be done about all the pollution? 

Pollution Cause And Effect:  Human activities are causing climate change.  To a large extent, pollution, such as ozone and carbon, is changing the environment.  Water, pests, animals and plants are experiencing the impact.

Nuclear Energy May Be the Only Solution to Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases and the Pollution Problem:  Humans are causing climate change through pollution and the affect on the Earth's atmosphere and weather.

The Ozone Know Zone:  What can I do to help with the ozone problem?  Tropospheric ozone is low level ozone caused by humans. Tropospheric ozone is "bad ozone" that causes health problems in humans, plants to die and other destructive results.

The Pickle as Will and Idea:  The seminal work on pickle electrification by Hamburgen et al.(1989) raised many further questions, of which this work will address none. Instead we propose to explore the zeitgeist of the electric pickle experience in a global context, limning as it were, the Jungian archetype of the Electric Pickle. In all its briny glory.

Global Warming Research & Population Study -- The Fossil Fuel Party's Over.  A summary forecast of fuel and electricity alternatives to oil, natural gas, nuclear and coal.

Fuel Cell Experimental Stock Portfolio:    Fuel cells are an up-and-coming technology that may someday rival traditional residential electricity and heating systems.  However, it is important to note that environmentally, "fuel cells are not really going to do anything."

Energy Policy:  world oil consumption, fuel cells, hybrid cars, non-gasoline automobiles, conservation, alternative sources, global warming, health issues, costs and benefits

Low Impact Gardening & Farming:  How you can participate with diet and fitness.  A guide to growing food, health and wellness.

Ambler Green:  Ambler, PA green committee helps a community with earth-friendly practices and energy conservation.

Energy Audit For Commercial Utility ConsumersElectrical utility rates have increased. Increased fuel costs will continue to drive rates upward. HVAC systems and lighting consume an estimated 65% to 70% of electrical operating costs.