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here are a few of the comments that have come through on tunnelin':


nice white paper. solid concept. like your article on MS ....hello big bro


in this context .. look at 'earth bermed construction' my calculations indicate currently that in temperate latitudes earth berm the northside with 800 cu yard of rock to use as heatstore + superinsulation on exposed walls and windows (paid for by the decreased exposed area) + solar hotwater preheat + passive solar

is cheaper than superinsulating the whole house with no heat store ( but including the other measures like passive solar + solar hotwater preheat)

also ... payback in making an inground swimming pool and using that for heat collection for storage had a fairly good payoff time as well

i hear a rumor that u can take 20 times average annual energy bill savings for any installed conservation measures and add it to the sale price of the house

in certain states perhaps ..?


looks good...

but make sure your tunnel is waterproof.

considering the pollution that man is doing to the pervious ground surface (ie.: pavement runoff effecting pennypack creek), in a hole may also be a dangerous place to be.


while workin' on a reply to all the tunnel proofin'... i had a question meself:

what about:
building materials

and the question has to do with expansion and contraction

weather n' chaos of what man is doing... well, it may result in hotter... perhaps... then/or/likely antitheses... white out (if ya don't know what this means -- freeze your arse off.)

but surely

volatility in temperature?

and what does that do to expansion and contraction of building materials

english -- will some peoples houses fall down?

ps 'tink i may see evidence of this already


more volatility

land movements, frost heave ... faster than seen b4 same with retaining walls, old masonry .. u no the rest

more evrythin


* volatility in temperature?

        as far as i can see, that's - volatility - the most
        specific anybody can get on the subject so far.
        whether its warming or cooling seems to be a
        trend of the day question

* and what does that do to expansion and contraction of
* building materials

* english -- will some peoples houses fall down?

        i don't know whether abrupt, short-term, extreme
        events (like violent storms, flash floods, one month
        freezes, etc) are doing most of the damage,


        if the accunulated effects of the volatility is doing
        more damage

        i don't know if any studies have been done on that

        but i'm sure somebody will do that and make a bundle
        selling the results


'k... i did not understand anything on that website


hehehe... well, just in case of such an emergency... i've attempted a generation Y translation

Click here for the MP3 music version.

[by the way:
about the irony... of naming our generations... and the amount of time left to deal with tunneling under

what generation are we on now?

baby boomers are keeling... gen x is agin',
gen y is the current study

what happens after the next generation?]

GEN. Y Tunnel Translation: HowFarToDig (Tunnel Under)

The plan to control,
Certainly won't rock,
And, it likely won't roll.
(tick, tock goes the clock)

Central command,
Will demand,
A toll,
On the lesser.


Or, will you dig?
Stand up to Mr. Big?
Or, flip your wig?
How far will you dig?

Is it time to tunnel under,
Due to corporate blunder,
Is it time to tunnel under,
Due to Federal Commander?

Gotta dig,
Gotta dig deep,
Less evil's influence will seep,
It will creep,
And, rob your essence,
Like a greedy pig.

Will you help dig?
I hope you come along?
Can you dig this jig?
Same ole' dance and song.

How deep need we go?
Do you know?
How far to go?

How far must we go?
Just must trust?
Gotta tunnel under...
Is it any wonder?

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