Research based on global warming and dividend yields have suggested the following stocks for the food portion of the "survival kit" portfolio.

(company name & dividend yield on the date purchased)

fish & livestock
Clearwater Seafood [CLR_u.TO] 9.12%
Atlas Pacific Ltd [APCFY] 8.26%
Industrias Bachoco SA de CV [IBA] 5.76%
Sadia SA [SDA] 5.14%

ML Macadamia Orchards LP [NUT] 5.41%

food processing
Armanino Foods of Distinction Inc [ARMF] 6.90%
Gruma SA de CV [GMK] 5.56%

Big Rock Brewery Income Trust [BRBMF.PK] 9.01%
Pyramid Breweries Inc [PMID] 6.05%

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