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Fuel cells are an up-and-coming technology that may someday rival traditional residential electricity and heating systems. Modern fuel cells convert hydrogen gas (and oxygen from in the air) into electricity (and water is a by-product.) In 1839, they were invented by scientist Sir William Grove. In the 1960's, NASA started taking an interest. Since then, they have been used for the Apollo and Space Shuttle space programs.

However, it is important to note that environmentally,

"fuel cells are not really gonna do anything."
-- Sidd

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Sample Companies

Johnson Matthey PLC (JMAT.L in the U.S. JMPLY)

Johnson Matthey traditionally manufactured catalysts and chemicals, precious metals, and colours & coatings. Now, they are expected to supply about 1/3 of the generator value of the fuel cell market.

"The UK chemicals and precious metals group that is seen as a leader in the field." -- Reuters

Plug Power Inc. (NasdaqNM:PLUG)

"Plug Power's fuel cells are energy machines for homes. Our fuel cell system runs on natural gas or propane and is designed to meet the energy needs of a typical household. Our fuel cells will save consumers money and help clean up the environment while providing outage-free electricity." -- Plug Corp.

H Power Corp (NasdaqNM:HPOW)

"H Power Corp. is a leading fuel cell development company. We believe that we were the first to complete a commercial sale of proton-exchange membrane, or PEM, fuel cell systems. Our PEM fuel cells are designed to provide electricity for a wide range of stationary, portable and mobile applications. PEM fuel cells are devices that generate electricity efficiently and cleanly from the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen." -- H Power Corp.

Electric Fuel Corp. (NasdaqNM:EFCX)

"Electric Fuel develops, manufactures and markets high-capacity, high-power zinc-air batteries for portable consumer electronic devices such as cellular telephones, notebook computers, camcorders, handheld computers and PDA's, medical devices, as well as for electric vehicles and defense applications.

Electric Fuel has positioned itself as a world leader in applying state-of-the-art zinc-air technology to innovative primary and refuelable battery products." -- Electric Fuel Corp.

TXU Corporation (NYSE:TXU)

"TXU is a multinational leader in electric and natural gas services, energy trading, energy marketing, telecommunications, and other energy-related services. With more than nine million customers in the U.S., primarily in Texas, the United Kingdom and continental Europe, and Australia, TXU ranks as the ninth-largest energy service company in the world." -- TXU Corp.

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