Optimizing Ethics

"Is the thought too bizarre,
That a help factory is what you are?"

For a while, I've studied optimization... and... I've found optimization to be a very tricky thing.

The "practice" of optimization means you are wasting time... and therefore, you've done just the opposite. Some people/organizations spend so much time trying to optimize that it overtakes their original mission.

Though optimization is usually something applied to traditional businesses, I often look at optimization and efficiency of everything.

Soooo... that being said... I attempt to optimize my optimization. in particular, I attempt to study the optimization of helping others.

The first thought might be to help people all the time... 24/7/365

But, you can see... you would quickly become less efficient if you did not sleep... eat... or take a bathroom break. How could I help others under these conditions?

I would think that almost all people would agree that "any effort to help is good." And, any individual that tries to help others should be commended. However, I still wonder if we shouldn't try to do "all we can do?"

Here are some questions I've been looking at (and, would appreciate your feedback):

How does one optimize helping others?

Is helping one person as good as helping two?

How much time should I waste/spend on optimization?

How can I minimize deprivation, starvation, strangulation?

How can I maximize realization, satisfaction, congratulation?

Does quantity matter?

Or, is it only the quality of one that needs "done" to have won?


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