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Annualized Yield = 75.03% (assuming no compounding)

This is a monitored business bulletin about privately owned businesses, as well as, private financial transactions.

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adapted from the SEC's disclaimer:
This mailbox may be used to contact our Office of Assistance. While we encourage inquiries from the public via Internet e-mail, remember that your e-mail is not confidential, and we might publish it on our website. If you are comfortable in doing so, we ask that you provide your name, postal address, e-mail address, and a daytime telephone number where you can be reached easily. We will make every effort to respond to your inquiry quickly and completely by e-mail, however; some emails are not received or can not be answered. In that case, be persistent.

The Group Portfolio

Stocks We Own:


Click to the raw index of equities, options, dividends, and cash. These are real life holdings and transactions. The fund was established in August of 1998 with an initial investment of $21,595 USD. (Hints: the file name is the same as the ticker symbol. The date of the file will show you the last time the security effected the accounting ledger.)

Things We Thought You Might Like to Know

Case Study: Boston CHICKEN
internetU.org School of Business and Economics

Regarding My Ownership....
Nov. 12, 1998
An open communication to Lawrence White, CFO Boston CHICKEN.

Boston CHICKEN Should Try to Make a Profit
Nov. 9, 1998
A turnaround plan for the floundering company.

Jurisdiction Over "Removal Of Ownership Rights"
Nov. 12, 1998
A public letter to Mr. Levitt and Mr. Greenspan.

Reply From The SEC
Nov. 13, 1998
What quasi-governmental agency watches over "the transfer of retirement fund stock ownership... without the owners consent?"

Can Penny Benny Help?
Nov. 17, 1998
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Penny Benny) is headed by the Secretary Of Labor.

Case Study: Examining the Costs and Benefits of a Microsoft Monopoly
internetU.org Schools of Business and Economics, Governance, Math, Science and Technology

Daniel In The Lion's Den
Nov. 16, 1998
A small man seeks justice in the lair.

Journal Notes

Chiquita Declares Force Majeur on Honduras Bananas
Nov. 9, 1998
Bravo for a company with heart.

Alta Vista!
Nov. 8, 1998
The most undervalued Internet stock.

Money & Other Fun Things We Have
Nov. 7, 1998
The Lyonvest Statement of Investment Activities, Income, Dividends and Cash-On-Hand.

Electric Utility Outlook for the Northeastern USA
Oct. 28, 1998
PECO, PP&L and other members of the power grid status report

Y2K Myths
Oct. 7, 1998
How much money will the year 2000 problem cost you?

A Hedged Contrarian Position
Sept. 1, 1998
How can I save money without risk?

Ode To The DOW
Aug. 27, 1998
The DJIA took a -357 point roller coaster ride... here is how it felt.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Cash and Interest
Aug. 25, 1998
Q: How invested in the market should we be right now? A: Not very.

You Own Lycos!
Aug. 17, 1998
This is not spam! It is an overview of the initial Lyonvest transacations including a covered call on Lycos.

The Lyon Is Born
Aug. 9, 1998
After a "family" grew from the Internet's fertility, an investment group was born (Lyonvest). This is the first email charting the attempt to jump from business R&D project to real dollars.

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