I Am An Economist
(Is There a 12-step Recovery Plan?)

Dear Sarah,

Thank you. Over the weekend, a high point in my career was achieved. Due to your probing questions, a long-running experiment appears to be coming to fruition.

But, before I go into the details... perhaps a little more background will be helpful. (Also, the extra detail over the next several email exchanges could lead up to the "setting" and the "scene" for the story.)

About the career highpoint... I say that tongue-in-cheek... as:

I Am An Economist

Unfortunately, many people view "economist" as a dirty word. Therefore, out of shame... I rarely admit to it in public. Thinking about this concept inspired the joke:

I am an economist... is there a 12-step recovery plan?

Get it? Hehehehee (... like instead of an economist with an "economic recovery plan"... it's more like a recovering alcoholic?)

Anyway, let us hope that the bad rap on economists can be turned around... because... everyone should be an economist.

"Economics is the study of how people make their living, how they acquire the food, shelter, clothing, and other material necessities and comforts of this world. It is a study of the problems they encounter, and of the ways in which these problems can be reduced."
-- Paul Wonnacott & Ronald Wonnacott

an alternative definition:

"Economy is the art of making the most out of life"
-- George Bernard Shaw

So... you ask what was my career highpoint as an economist?

Well, for a very long time... I've been using economics to prove/disprove a well-known Universal Law/Rule. Since 1994, I have attempted to conduct the process as a "scientific experiment" ...the double blind leading the blind sort-a thing... so, I have not told anybody my hypothesis... yet.

In response to our last email... about the economist, John Nash... someone on the mailing list appears to have independently reached the same conclusion as the experiment I've been working on.

Do you know which rule I've been trying to prove/disprove?


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