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Monday, October 20, 1997

Microsoft Anti-Trust Ruling
Burns: Let the Process Work

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Montana Senator Conrad Burns today had the following reaction to the Justice Department's announcement that it is asking a federal court to hold Microsoft Corp. in contempt of a 1995 court order barring anticompetitive activities.

"Hundreds of software companies came to me with concerns that Microsoft violated the 1995 consent decree and my interest was to ensure that these allegations were properly addressed," Burns said. "Going by today's announcement, I would say that a solid step has been made in that direction.

"It's going to be critical as we enter the 21st century that all small software companies be able to compete on an even keel. I would commend the Justice Department for vigorously pursuing these very serious allegations and taking action it felt was appropriate."

In June Burns, along with Sens. Stevens and Thomas, sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission requesting that it step into the investigation.