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Theoretical and applied physics scholar, computer science expert and Global Information Infrastructure aficionado.

Collaborated in some of the first multimedia productions designed for Internet distribution. Developing software for secure encrypted and authenticated commerce over the Internet; especially dealing with credit card transactions, mortgage loan applications, and privacy enhanced mail. Developing realtime software for remote operations of light aircraft over the Web. Distributed data analysis and numerical simulation of atomic scattering experiments.

Visiting Physics Scholar, Ohio State University
Installed and maintained several networked computers, on OS/2 Linux, Sun and Vax platforms. Data analysis for an atomic scattering experiment on IBM-PC, Mac, VAX, and Sun computers. Assisted in ongoing experiments on excitations in superfluid 4He at 40 mK. Assisted in installation of an Oxford dilution refrigerator.

Post-Doctoral Physics Research, Pennsylvania State University
Designed, built and performed experiments for precision heat capacity measurements of 4He films on Vycor, aerogel, and graphite substrates at temperatures from 5 mK to 1 K. wetting studies of 4He on cesium surfaces near the lambda point. Assisted in torsional oscillator experiments of the superfluid fraction of 4He in porous glasses.

Graduate Research Associate, Ohio State University
Ph. D. thesis : Measurements of Diffuse and Specular Scattering of 4He Atoms from 4He films. Experiments at T = 0.1 to 0.4 K of scattering of helium atoms from superfluid films on glass and mica substrates. Theoretical studies of the rough crystal-superfluid interface.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Ohio State University

Taught recitations and labs in freshman and sophomore level physics


PhD University of Pennsylvania
B.Sc. University of Bombay
Major: Physics
Minor: Mathematics

PUBLICATIONS (Theoretical and Applied Physics)

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"Measurements of Diffuse and Specular Scattering of 4He Atoms at the Surface of 4He Films" S. Mukherjee, D. O. Edwards, S. Kumar and H. Baddar, to be published in Journal of Low Temperature Physics.

"Teleoperated Experiments On Board Remotely Piloted Vehicles Using the World Wide Web", C.E.Hall and S. Mukherjee AIAA Paper No: 98-0827 AIAA 36th Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Reno, Nevada, January 1998