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The Other Reality

There’s the media’s reality: the most convoluted one. There’s virtual reality: you can buy it cheap (unless you buy it from MicroSoft). And there’s real reality: the most elusive one for which the market demand is low - that’s why we have the other ones. But then, there’s another reality: the parallax. Maybe the conventions of history, as we know it (or as we present it to ourselves) are fundamentally incorrect. Maybe human potential has been explored before in the remote past. Maybe... nahhhhhh.

So here’s our take on the perceptual parallax. And before you write off the subject matter entirely, take a close look at some of these sites first: you might be mildly surprised at some of the institutions which are involved in psionics, radionics and related research and investigations, as well as at the applications of some of the "parallax sciences", particularly when you consider their theosophical, political and taxpayer implications. When you have a moment to reflect on this, have a look at our rancorous take on the U.S. Supreme Court Case Richardson vs the United States and let us know what you think.




Before you write this one off, take a look at the qualifications and educational requirements section of their employment opportunities.

Web home of the popular weekly television series “Sightings”.

Remember this outfit from Future News/Think Tanks ? They’re baaaack. If you doubt their intense governmentally funded experimental psionics (psychic) undertakings, use your search engine to run the following names, and notice the returns that pop up: Russell Targ (quantum physicist), Harold Puthoff (quantum biologist) and Keith Harrary (master shrink). For example, take a look at . Also check out Russell Targ’s book series on the subject: “Mind Reach”, “Mind Race” and Mind Wars”, which are out of print but not impossible to find (you won't find any of this on SRI’s web site). And here’s a little tidbit fer you info-nuts: a former subsidiary of SRI, Xylogics (go ahead... run a search on them, too), was the unofficial sys adm for the domestic web until they were spun off to a northeast US high tech firm recently. Xylogics put out, among other things, the official web FAQ until then, a hard copy of which is in my hot little hands. And the next time you run your copy of Trumpet Winsock in terminal mode, watch the opening text as the command line interpretter is loading: that’s right, boychik: copyright by Xylogics. Visit the NewsBase Editorial section for periodic articles and tidbits on this and other corporate and governmental board room coitus.

JACQUES VALLEE (link #1) (Computer Science and Astronomy)
This is the French astronomer/computer scientist portrayed in “Close Encounters”. He’s real. He’s still active as an author on the topic (see link #1). And he’s evolved his interests into the field of... venture capital ? (see link #2). Vallee's perspective on UFO's and OWL's is essentially anthropological, and proposes that these phenomena say more about us as a species than about the phenomena themselves. A more scholarly extension of this perspective can be found in a book by Keith Thompson, "Angels and Aliens" (Fawcett, 1991).

(M.S., Nuclear Engineering; Aeronautical Eng., Mathematics)
Bearden is a retired military officer who had significant contact with governmental radionics (usually associated with artificially generated electro magnetic anomalies) projects. One of his public forum topic entres in the ‘70’s was SEI (scalar electro- magnetic interferometry), the conceptual basis for EM pulse weaponry so bandied about today. Bearden’s pronouncements should have been a wake-up call in the seventies. Alas, the lights were on but nobody was home: the advancements made in this genre of weaponry cast an alternate light on nuclear disarmament.

NIKOLA TESLA (link #1)
NIKOLA TESLA (link #2)
Tesla was a scientist/inventor, and a peer/contemporary of Edison (his nemesis and a two-time Tesla employer), Einstein, Marconi (against whom Tesla was granted the radio patent after Tesla’s death), Westinghouse (a Tesla employer and the one to whom Tesla conveyed all interest in his AC generating and distribution patents for a pittance), J.P. Morgan, a friend to Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens, JP Morgan’s daughter Anne (who was known to conduct some rather bizarre social events with public audiences and who helped finance the first Broadway play by Cole Porter) and many others. Tesla patented many weaponry devices such as radio guided torpedos, high energy plasma weapons, VTOL aircraft, and many, many others. Many books are available on his life and works, among the best of which are “Tesla: Man Out of Time”, and “The Inventions, Research and Writings of Nikola Tesla”. Upon Tesla’s death in during WW II, several governments’ intelligence agencies scrambled to confiscate his wildly disorganized papers from several warehouses in New York City. More to come on the “Gilded Age” in the NewsBase Editorial section.

BRUCE MACCABEE, PhD (Optics/Laser Physics)
MacCabee is an optics/laser physicist who has been employed by the US Navy’s Surface Warfare folks, the frivolous guys at the Office of Naval Intelligence and now is a MUFON state director (Maryland). The Bruce-ster is to be regarded as a heavy-hitter source in photographic analysis of (among other things) alleged UFO sightings, having performed photo analysis for the Office of Naval Intelligence.

STANTON FRIEDMAN, PhD (Nuclear Physics)
Friedman was employed as a nuclear physicist at a New Mexico based government facility, and is to be regarded as one of the premier resources for investigative information on major UFO “incidents”. Self-aggrandizing, sometimes wild-eyed, but factually and contextually dead-on target.

TIMOTHY GOOD (Investigative Journalist)
Good is to be regarded the definitive pioneer of accurately detailed and well-documented UFO sightings and encounters worldwide. His book “Above Top Secret” is the premier resource on the topic, and includes a huge appendix of government and related documents from all over the world covering a period of some four-plus decades.

BOB LAZAR (link #1) (Engineering)
BOB LAZAR (link #2)
Lazar is an engineer who worked on reverse engineering of recovered and/or "donated" craft at Groome Lake. Now that's technology transfer.

BUDD HOPKINS (Artist and Author)
Budd is an artist (sculptor) whose works appear at the famed Guggenheim Museum in New York City. A sweetheart of a guy, and a painstaking documentarian of “abduction” experiences (i.e., “Intruders”) Budd also has a peculiar habit of injecting personalized creativity into his own barnyard brand of regression hypnosis (a term used loosely here) which he uses on alleged abductees. This habit is reminiscent of the “... there’s one (abductee) inside *all* of us just screamin’ to get out” posit we’ve heard somewhere else.

WHITLEY STRIEBER (Author and Screenwriter)
Strieber is a science fiction author, and “first-person abductee experience” author (“Communion”, et al), who has a very different take on the subject than that of Budd Hopkins. Whitley takes issue with Hopkins’ malevolent portrayal of these ostensible other-world/ other-dimesional abductors. Both Hopkins and Strieber conduct their own group-grope sessions and have organized membership groups on the abduction topic.