Military contract litigation advising and related client preparation and evidenciary documentation; Specialized personal, business and diplomatic security measures/systems; Threat and risk assessment applications in corporate and diplomatic venues; Industrial, technological, economic and informational intelligence gathering and counter-measures in corporate, legal and other venues.


NEA lobbying for federal legislation to support secondary and post-secondary education work-study programs; Lobbying and legislation writing for revisions to state judiciary committee procedural rules; Municipal government accounting and financial reporting systems development and implementation; Advisory and evidentiary guidance on military contract litigation; Advisory and evidentiary guidance on formal disputes over elected officials' constitutional venues of authority; Government construction contract procurement attendant document preparation; National President, National Office Education Association (elective); Advisor to U.S. President's Council on Education (by Presidential appointment); U.S. Presidential Advance Security Team (special civilian element).


Managed a billion dollars of corporate securities issues as trustee; Conducted corporate tax abatement projects; Financial statement projects with big eight audit firm and corporate counsel (SEC 10Q and 10K registrations); Conducted six figure tax abatement application for a bank holding company in concert with outside big eight accounting firm and tax counsel; Administered hostile proxy contests as securities issue transfer agent and registrar; Designed and implemented use of boiler plate brief format for complex and voluminous securities trust documents; Administered operations for a top ten commercial real estate developer; Structured, staffed and managed securities transaction tracking department for the world's largest securities depository; Buisness planning and venture capital strategy development for commercial public think tank; Business and personal income tax advising; Risk assessment and advising for eight figure investment syndicate and NASD brokerage under CFR17/10.b.5 ("due diligence" investigations and reports); Construction project management consulting for artistic, residential, governmental and commercial landmark restoration projects; Growth, turnaround and distress consulting for small to medium size retail and commercial businesses; Venture capital and fund raising guidance for artistic and commercial undertakings.

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