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About Us
Learn about advertising opportunities. Marketing, social and business networks.

What Is Advertising?
Why do businesses advertise? What is the purpose of advertising? The purpose of advertising is usually to persuade potential customers to purchase (or consume) more of your product or service. Word-of-mouth Vs. mass marketing. The beauty of web-based advertising.

What Is Marketing?
Find out more about marketing management.

Research and Development of Web Engineering as it Relates To Internet Marketing
Business Processes And Industrial Secrets, The Benefits Of Advertising, Billboards Along The Information Superhighway. How to:
1) deliver the client's message as efficiently as possible
2) do not invade the consumers' privacy nor threaten their security

Search Engine Optimization
Overview and FAQ. How can our website show up higher in results? What is a search engine algorithm?

Website Traffic, Hits & Sales | Original Report
Audience share is the portion of a group that an advertiser has an interest in and that actually receive your message.

Faults with Counting Internet & Website Viewers
Does counting hits matter? What is more important... traffic or results?

Flash, Java, Active Webpages, Cookies, Government Agencies, Security & Privacy
Does it matter how your Internet and web-based ads are written and programed? Yes! Priceless Advertising R&D
Research and development website for advertising and on-line marketing. AdWords and AdSense, banner bars, text based ads, sponsored links, reports and analysis tests.