A Chaotic Christmas
And, a Convergent New Year?

Hey, Ethel... come quick!
I ain't never seen nuttin' like this before:

Is it an Impeachment? Or, is it a war? No? It's two crisis's in one?

Er... a... hangon a second. When ya have two crisis is that crises?

A chaotic journey through a spell checker, dictionary and a thesaurus or two, brought me to the following conclusion (or lack thereof):


A predicament that involves gravity.
Perhaps a combination of individual crisis that converge into a Necessity?

Exigency: a pressing matter that requires immediate action -- in a nutshell,


Hmmm... does that word, urgent, mean anything any more?

I was going to put *urgent* in as "the subject line", but thought you might think that it was spam.

Bringing me to the conclusion that I seek a definition for urgent.

Now, you might be saying to yourself

England What does this have to do with the Winter Solstice, Christ's Birthday, Romadam, and Hanukah? A lot. After all, what is the meaning of the Season? What is "the true meaning" of Christmas? Is it a pure and simple notion about a son of God? Or, has it accumulated meaning over time? Have parts of Tchaikovsky, Crosby, and Saint Nicholas become embedded into the meaning?

And, now... will the convergence of crises on this year's holiday season become part of the meaning, too?

Freeform Multimedia

To try n' capture the moment, we're putting together a motion picture and soundtrack. An impromptu shooting of the inside of a piano shall act as the impetus. Then from time-to-time, pieces will be added or taken away.

In My Piano

Recipe for a Traditional Christmas Nut Mix:

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Parting Thought

At such time as this... when gentlemen become restless due to the chaos that abounds all around... perhaps we should digress, again... to the convergence of Three Wisemen.

If crisis's must converge, shall I pray for a prince to bring peace?

Mmmm... a convergence of The Light?

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