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The Membrane Domain

This collection includes songs from: The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment, Bass Sick In Stinks, A Buzz, Yzark, The Electric Slugs, and Industrial Noize Pollution.

The content is ordered as follows:

  1. Name and type of file (clickable for downloading) followed by the files size.
    • Name of the piece of work associated with the file.
    • by The name of the group that created the file.
    • from The name of the project or album.


  1. beware.wav 3.2M
  2. blurepri.wav 2.2M
  3. bluresht.wav 615k
  4. diein.wav 12.3M
  5. 83k
  6. doyou1.wav 3.7M
  7. doyouint.wav 1.9M
  8. doyou1.wav 948k
  9. letme.wav 10.0M
  10. letmesht.wav 2.0M
  11. letmesh2.wav 780k
  12. madshort.wav 639k
  13. 216k
  14. reach1.wav 2.4M
  15. reach2.wav 4.1M
  16. reach3.wav 11.3M
  17. reach8bt.wav 596k
  18. reachmno.wav 1.2M
  19. sweetint.wav 392k
  20. tellme.wav 12.2M
  21. tellmono.wav 4.4M
  22. 80k
  23. umbshort.wav 6.9M

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