This collection of multimedia helped pave the way for a global project known as A Feast to Benefit Humankind. Amateur and professional musicians (like Peter Gabriel), videographers, artists, photographers, and other entertainers have united for altruism.

CDROM Content Information for Volume 0

The First (Ever) Internet Album Release

Movies/Videos & Music

The Membrane Domain

Multimedia Download Information

The content is ordered as follows:
  1. Name and type of file (clickable for downloading) followed by the files size.
    • Name of the piece of work associated with the file.
    • by The name of the group that created the file.
    • from The name of the project or album.

Movies & Video

  1. blonde.avi 610k
  2. 1M
  3. 563k
  4. dude160.avi 664k
  5. 2M
  6. girls160.avi 764k
  7. king1.avi 2M
  8. 4M
  9. local160.avi 607k
  10. ohyea160.avi 855k
  11. point160.avi 744k
  12. 426k
  13. student.avi 703k
  14. theride.avi 11M
  15. 850k
  16. 1M


  1. baby.wav 9M
  2. boot3.wav 5M
  3. cumbust.wav 8M
  4. heart.wav 11M
  5. landing.wav 4M
  6. ohdear.wav 516k
  7. thebeat.wav 4M
  8. themanb.wav 11M
  9. theride.wav 5M
  10. toilet.wav 192k
  11. yore.wav 138k

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