Sidd's Backyard Bombardiers

Our Fan-club (MPEG2/DVD)

TV Meets Pointy Rock (Intel .AVI) or MPEG1

Tractor Plows Bytes Into Bits (Picture .JPG) | tractor2 (Picture .JPG) | tractor3 (Picture .JPG) | junk (Picture .JPG)

TV Is For Dumbbells (MPEG1) or Slow Motion DVD/MPEG2

Built Like A Brick.... (MPG)

inkJET Crash (MPEG2/DVD) or Slow Mo (MPEG2/DVD)

Sledge Hammer Wrestling (MPEG1)

Printer & Newton (Intel .AVI)

The Electric Pickle Experiment

"My Ma Says This Blender Is Shot" (MPEG)

Bowling Ball Meets A Monitor MPEG2 DVD or Bowling For Monitors (Quicktime .MOV)

VHS & Gravity (Intel .AVI)

An Old Amplifier Sounds Off (MPEG4/DivX)

Tape Deck That Knew How to Rock (Intel .AVI)

Sledge Hammer & a Computer Monitor (Picture .JPG)

Linesman Pliers & an Electric Guitar (Picture .JPG)

Water Balloon & a Safety Pin (Picture .JPG)

Building A Better Mousetrap (DVD/MPEG2), Streaming Real Player (.RAM) or Download Real Player (.RM) [Picture (.JPG)]

Calibrating A China Diesel

Lightbulb Meets Small Metal Ball (Intel .AVI) or Picture (.JPG)

Bulb Bug Banger (MPEG)

Out The Window With Windows

Blowtorch Gets Fired Up (DVD\MPEG2)

Millions Of Colors Monitor

Pyrotechnics Class (Real Player .RAM) or Download It

Tomato Tweek (MPEG)

Tomato Juicer (DVD/MPEG2) &