Miles To Oz
A Multimedia Journey with Styles Ranging from Miles (Davis) to Oz(zy Osbourne)

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The following website has its roots in events that took place on a typical atypical RomBox weekend. RomBox members are a varied sort... scientists, musicians, philosophers, businessmen, and so on.... Their common thread - kickin' ass... while improving themselves and others. Since their lives are a balance of destiny and spontaneity, this website is meant to illustrate the energy. This website is what we are talking about. Come back again sometime and see... it is alive.

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Dry-ice Kyle Snake Handling

WARNING, Wil Robinson...
some of these multimedia files could choke Robot. You may want to first visit the multimedia help section. Any file could cause your browser and/or computer to crash if you exceed its memory requirements... start small and work your way up.

  1. Fun With Dry-Ice Video Collection
    1. Well (451k .avi video download)
    2. Special Brew (479k .avi video download)
    3. Toilet
    4. Bathtub Drain (407k .avi video download)
    5. Stop That Noise Show
      1. Pint Of Beer (575k .avi video download)
      2. On Stage
      3. Frozen Bucket In Corner

  2. Stop That Noise (STN) "Live From South Street" (Website with video)
    1. How STN Fits Into RomBox and The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment
      1. Multi-Talents Kyle on Bass and lead vocals
      2. Multi-Bands Steve with STN and Crosstown Traffic
      3. Improvising: Jam Bands and Song Bands
      4. Good Time
    2. Pre-Show: Dry-Ice and Backstage
    3. Plenty of Live Footage
      1. Four Letters (1.4M avi download)
      2. Can't Hang (1.9M avi download)
    4. Post-Show
    5. Crosstown Traffic
  3. Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
    Da Jam was spread over three days. All songs were written and recorded live. Before this "dining room" recording session, the musicians had never played together.
    1. Missing Socks Guests
    2. Krishna
    3. Sidd: Parsifal Blues
    4. Capn' From Florida: Downtrodden

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