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The Energy to Heal - Karen A. Fairman, RN Certified IET Therapist, Master IET Instructor, State Certified Health Educator

Letting Go of the Old - Kristina Shaw, Acupuncturist and Colonic Therapist

Disclaimer:The material presented here is solely for educational purposes. DVWN does not endorese any of these treatment methods to provide a substitution for medical treatment. DVWN does not claim any of these therapies to provide diagnosis,treatment of a cure for any conditions. Practitioner membership in DVWN is based on meeting service or practitioner required training, certification and/or licensure and the payment of a uniform yearly fee to DVWN, which is not dependent on referrals. DVWN members may be removed for failure to maintain State required licenses or liability insurance or to pay the yearly fee. DVWN does not offer medical advice, but provides a referral service between DVWN members and the general public guided by specific requests such as physical condition or service location, with subsequent referrals made to DVWN by callers resulting from client-directed searches. Customers to DVWN are tracked through a non-identifying record of first name and last initial.

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