Motionless Meditation

Motionless Meditation .mp3 (click here to download)

This song was inspired by Low Impact Fitness Farming & The Singing Gardener.


Motionless meditation,
Mental masturbation,
Over personal frustration.

Motionless meditation,
Lacks the stimulation,
For education.

Motionless meditation,
Is so easy to do,
I do it 8 hours a night,
Don't you?

Motionless meditation,
I can do it with my eyes closed,
Poised and posed.

Motionless meditation,
"Look, Ma, no hands!"
You'd think everybody understands?

Why not make a commotion, (less motionless)
With you meditation, (less motionless)
So, it results in a creation, (less motionless)
Passing on the stimulation, (less motionless)
To another generation. (less motionless meditation)

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