Low Impact Fitness Farmer

Low Impact Fitness Farming

Low Impact Fitness Farmer MPEG Music Video
Low Impact Fitness Farmer (Part 2) MP3

This is the theme song and soundtrack for a gardening experiment called, Low Impact Fitness Farmer & Singing Gardner


Save Water Not Trash Low impact fitness farming,
Do you find the idea charming...
Or alarming?

Low impact fitness farming,
Like our forefathers,
Now look out farther.

The singing gardener,
Whistles while he works,
Spirit/mind/body fastener,
Trying to side-step disaster,
Despite his quirks.

He could play all day,
... will sing,
... will dance,
At every chance.

Cucumbers, Beans And Carrots The low impact fitness farmer,
Forever the singing gardener,
To stay sane,
Prays for rain,
And, that children... will again,
Sing the refrain --
"Let love reign!"

Let's begin?


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