Astral Joy Ride (Grand Theft Auto)

Astral Joy Ride (Grand Theft Auto) (MP3)


Stealing Her car,
For astral joy rides,
Ain't a nice thing to do,
How would you like it,
How would you like it,
If someone kept doing it to you?

Trying to escape reality,
Because of the pity,
That I have for me.

Stealing Her car,
To see how far,
In the wrong direction I can go,
You'd think I'd already know?
I can go too far,
For too long,
To ever get back,
To where I started from.
I can go wrong,
For way too long,
And, would you believe,
The time I waste,
I can never retrieve,
Can I conceive,
Making haste,
To unite,
like the light, We seek,
With the light,
Take a peak,
Please don't hide, Inside.
For real...
It's a real big deal,
Stealing Her wheels,
For an astral ride inside --
Grand theft auto,
And, we ought 'ta know.

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