Ahmed's Scenes

Presented on this page you will find the first in a series of forthcoming galleries from artists around the world.

In our first presentation we exhibit a rising young talent from the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area. His name is Ahmed Asad and he is an extremely unique and unconventional artist. Among many talents, for he is musician, painter and writer, he has attracted much notice as a photography major at The University of the Arts.

Having just completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Photography, he will be persuing a Master of Fine Arts at The Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield, Michigan.

Among his unique work, we will first take a look at one of his projects completed this past year. In these photogaraphs, he stretches the confines of an ordinary poloroid camara by actually combining the two realms of photagraphy and painting by figuratively jumping into the picture or onto the canvas. These photos done at night under an open aperture are painted onto the film by Ahmed using various lighting sources.

For the pupose of speed, we have scanned these photos using jpeg format. If there is a particular photo you would like to view under higher resolution, you may want to click here.

Please jump into first photo and enter the corridor of Ahmed's Polaroid Palette.

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Next, we will journey into another project from the past year where Ahmed persues the visual fabric of texture captured on black and white film. Here Ahmed uses whatever materials are convenient to create other worldy images that conjure unknown visceral themes.

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