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I heard the strangest thing --

my inner voice talking like an idiot.

The questions this voice was trying to answer had to do with my purpose... my goal in life?

Who was that? Mercury? Ya know... godspeed with the message?

Sorry... getting carried away... I hope I don't appear too foolish?

In any event, here is what i heard:

Voice of Mr.T/ClintEastwood/CharltonHeston/Arnold type says:

"In the name of God, what kind of fool are you going to be?"

Inner voice responds...

"What kind of fool am I going to be?"
musical notes:
Dm / Dm6 (with F/C during "conversions" and other improves)

77bpm for long while... while fools try to convert others to be just as foolish... then tempo goes wild.


What kind of fool am I going to be?

[repeated like a retard to the refrain... then, try to refrain from being a retard to the retard, or coda... whichever comes last... while mixing with improve lines like:

What kind of fool should be made of me?
Foolish, foolish, me.
Heaven (or, Lord) help me.]

What kind of fool am I going to be,
Hmmm... I ain't gonna leave it up to me.
Cuz I'm way to foolish... ain't that plain ta see?
What kind of fool am I going to be?

If I open my mouth wide,
I might feel... like I should hide?
They may (even) steal... my hide?
Why evangelize? Why jeopardize?

What kind of fool am I going to be?
One of the here and now?
Or, of tomorrow... one of sorrow?
One of regret... that can never... ever... ever... forget?

Hmmm... let me see?

If I play it cool for now,
I fear the next...
...could be betwixt...
Here and there...
Stuck... on the River Styx.

What kind of fool am I going to be?

Wait... hope it's not too late?
I'd hate to vacate,
Without making it perfectly clear,
There's nothing to fear.

If ya ain't 'fraid to be the fool, Eeeeverything will (always) be cool.
When ya ain't 'fraid to be made the fool,
Some say... ya make a purdy good tool.

And, anyhoo... who wouldn't rather,
Be the fool... while we're here,
Or, do you still need to gather,
The thoughts you hold dear?

What kind of fool?

What kind of fool am I?
What kind of fool are you?
What kind of fool am I,
Found the answer from on high.
If I can do it, you can, too.
Cuz I'm the biggest fool... of all.

At least, I hope to get it in...
Before "She" Calls...
Before I fall.

(Ya know I'd rather get it over... now... Before the final bow,
Then for all eternity.
Da... this fool considers it,
A certainty.)

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