Pitiful Pacifist

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Pitiful Pacifist (MP3)


In 7 days the world was created
In 7 days it was negated
Alas, watch the week go pass
Say goodbye to Good Friday
To say the least... of Easter
The thought couldn't be further
No, couldn't be further away

Easter Sunday not a space in a pew
A week later... people... there's only a few
I fear he lives but 2 days a year?
I am into pacifism
However, I'm confused as to whether
The population of pacifists
Are purely pitiful
Are we all?
After all, when the pacifist resists
Is he a pacifist?
When the pacifist resists
Doing what's right
Even if it means putting up a fight
Is that seeing the light?
When the pacifist resists
Administering ministering
Has he lost his meaning?

Will Passover pass over the pacifist
If the pacifist resists to assist...
Refusing to assist invalids and lil' kids?
Aaaaa... is that a pitiful pacifist?
"Let another week go by...
Until the weak go bye."
Sorry, but I couldn't resist
Calling myself a pitiful pacifist!

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