Perilous Times

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Daniel 11:33
Lord, we are in constant danger,
We can trust no stranger,
They call each and everyone a liar,
Threaten all our lives with fire.
They do not believe a single word,
And, continue to threaten us with the sword.
Lord, we call out to you,
Is there anything you can do?

Luke 23:43
Today you will be with me in Paradise,
This is a solemn promise,
We aren't tossing the dice...
There's no way we can miss.
I promise.

Today we will be in the Promised Land,
Where the weakest will stand grand,
Traveling to the New Jerusalem,
Starting our lives over again.

Though the times are perilous,
We are not helpless.
We are not hopeless.
We are destined for success.

Though the times are perilous,
We are not powerless.

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