Dirty Laundry

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Dirty Laundry (MP3)


Lets hang em out to dry
With the intent that he die
Well construct a giant T out of elderberry
Then, affix him to our crucifix
Ahhh... that should be the fix
Yes, our attempt to construe
That 2 wrongs make a right
Im telling you 
Its a losing fight
But, what else do we have to do?

Though we wish
We can not wash our hands of this
We put our laundry out on the line
But, forgot to put it through the wash
Now, all can see our stain
Now, all can smell our stench
Yes, were all too vain
Everything is not fine
And, were in a real pinch

The rain of shame does drench
The reign of shame does drench
Soaked to the bone
Were left alone
Where is your savior
Where is our savior
Now, who will save your...
It may not be too late
If you do not hesitate
To give up on hate
And, start to demonstrate...
Faith... in the form of...

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