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High-quality, comprehensive and detailed reports with rapid turnaround, focusing on acute care triage decisions that allow for more optimal patient care and shorter Emergency Room stays.....





Elective or subspecialty imaging is our forte in Teleradiology Solutions. With a team of skilled and experienced specialist radiologists, we raise the bar in out-patient radiology reporting with the goal of providing a higher and more clinically relevant standard of reporting of studies such as cardiovascular CT and musculoskeletal MRI which general radiologists may have trouble with. We therefore support subspecialist clinical departments/groups as well as general radiologists seeking support in a select niche within their general radiologic practice.



The increasing volume of diagnostic imaging data in health care has created challenges in terms of image management and analysis. We provide post processing software applications and analysis tools that optimize work flow, providing high quality images and reports that bring optimal clinician satisfaction.

At Teleradiology Solutions we have powerful state of the art workstations that provide uncompromising image quality with smoother and faster workflow. Our team of highly skilled and ..



Imaging Centers are in search of cost and process efficiencies as a direct result of the reimbursements cutbacks in the Deficit Reduction Act. Imaging Centers are benefiting from the improved radiology work loads though the use of International PreRead Service. The International PreRead service is designed to provide a preliminary report of a medical imaging study, producing a detailed report by an internationally trained expert radiologist...




We contracted with Teleradiology Solutions for after-hours Teleradiology interpretations. It has been one of the best business decisions that I have made in my practice. The service has been excellent. The quality of the reports has been excellent. The radiologists have been very willing to converse directly with our ER physicians, and on-call hospital physicians to get further clarification, when requested. I have personally reviewed the report and our final dictated report dictated the next morning. None of the discrepancies was clinically significant, and more impacted patient care in any way. We feel that the Teleradiology represent an integral part of our practice, and we appreciate our association with them. This relationship helps us to get a good night of rest, and to be alert and completely focused on our practice the next morning.


Thomas V. Maroldo, M.D.,
Medical Director of Imaging
Saint Mary Medical center, Walla Walla, Washington

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