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PWNA Approved Education/Certification

Save money and trouble by avoiding the common mistakes that cost YOU money and sales.
  • Learn the facts about pressure washing equipment and tools before you over-spend or under-spend.
  • Learn how to make more money pressure washing and spend less time on the job.
  • Shave months or years off of your the pressure washing company "Learning Curve" by signing up for this class. Learn how to extend your season and add to your bottom line.
  • Earn Certification from the Power Washers of North America and separate your company from your competition in your customers' eyes.
PWNA offers courses in Power Washing Basics, Deck Restoration, Residential Marketing & Bidding, Job and Chemical Safety, Environmental Power Washing, and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. Each one of the classes will include an extensive manual designed exclusively for PWNA members. These manuals are available separately through PWNA.

Purchase PWNA manuals at our on-line store: http://store.pwnastore.com/

The Power Washers of North America currently offer certification in three areas: Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Wood Restoration and Preservation, and Environmental Awareness and Cleaning. The certification programs are updated on a regular basis to be sure that what is taught is the based on the latest information available. Two-day "Boot Camps" are available each year with time allotted for certification tests, plus addition classes throughout the year.

PWNA Current Certification and Training Program's Are Presented By:


Phil Ackland's 5-Day Kitchen Exhaust Class - 5 Day Training & Certification

Phil Ackland's 2-Day Cleaner's Seminar - Certification & Training for Experienced Cleaners

2008 Alliance Class Schedule
Power Washing Basics
Chemical Use
House Washing

Are YOU Qualified to be a PWNA Approved Educator?

Recognizing that there are tens of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, contractors in our industry we need many partners in education. Educating an industry cannot be an individual effort. It takes many companies and individuals to get involved if we are going to make a difference. At the PWNA we now have a place where quality educational programs are welcome and encouraged by all comers. If you are a manufacturer, distributor, supplier or contractor who has a program that will benefit the industry, then the PWNA wants YOU!

1.Do you have a minimum of 5 years experience in the pressure washing industry?
2.Do you have a Training Program that will benefit the industry?
3.Are you a PWNA member in good standing?
4.In order to be an Approved Trainer of the PWNA, 3 references from either previous customers or from 3 individuals who have been trained in your program must be submitted with the training materials/ program to be approved. Do you have these references?
5.To be an Approved Trainer, applicant must have $1,000.000 in liability insurance and the PWNA must be listed as additionally insured. Does the company carry the necessary insurance?

Education materials must be submitted to the PWNA for review and approval

After being accepted by the Education Committee and Board of Directors your program will be endorsed and marketed to the membership and the industry. Quality education by quality educators will result in quality run companies that will reduce turnover rate and add stability to our industry.

The PWNA wants to make a difference and needs help from the leaders in this industry to help make this happen.

To Get involved, Email Info@ThePWNA.org or call 1.800.393.7962

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