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Premium Pet Food Delivery Service
Dog and Cat Food Delivery To Your Home - Serving the Treasure Coast of Florida
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Featured Brands:

We Carry Eagle Pack Holistic Natural Pet Food
Whole-Health Holistic Nutrition

We Carry Sensible Choice Premium Pet Food
Natural Nutrition

We Carry Kasco Professional Formula Dog Foods
Affordable Professional Formula Dog/Cat Food

We Carry ProPac Super Premium Pet Food
Super Premium Dog/Cat Foods

We Carry Royal Canin Premium Pet Food
Health Nutrition For
Breed and/or Size Specific

We Carry N-Bone Brand Premium Pet Treats

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Premium Pet Food Delivery Service was founded to help dog and cat owner's provide their pets with a high quality, nutritional diet without the worry or hassle of running out of food.

Look Out For Our Van We offer FREE DELIVERY to the following counties on the Treasure Coast of Florida:

  • Indian River
  • St. Lucie
  • Martin
  • Palm Beach (Northern)
Why Should I Feed My Pets "Premium" Pet Foods?
According to Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, "premium" dog foods actually cost less than so-called "economy" brands. The reason is that the higher-priced dog food is so densely packed with nutrients you can feed your dog less of it.

Introducing the "Raw Meat Diet"
  • Composed primarily of beef (obtained only from animals slaughtered in USDA inspected plants)
  • Nutritionally balanced & complete in vitamin, mineral, fat, carbohydrate & protein content including a balanced calcium/phosphorous ratio (using fresh ground bone) NO Supplements needed!
  • RAW and offered in Fresh-frozen or Freeze-dried Patties
  • Company has been in business since 1975
Real Meat & Meat By-Products
  • beef by-products, organ meats (tripe,liver,hearts,kidneys,etc.). Replicates most nutritious foods

We offer a little bit of every kind of quality pet food - delivered.
For those pet owners on a budget to those who wish to pamper or spoil their pet!

Disclaimer: We are not licensed veterinary professionals.
Our dietary recommendations are only in regards to the skin, coat, weight, activity level and age of your pet.
If your pet should show any signs of illness or unusual behavior, always check with your veterinarian first.

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