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in some good old fashioned mountain moving & table turning through the word of Christ.

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Another Miracle.....
Interview With Seal Rescuer
10News' (San Diego) Jennifer Jensen talks to Mark Katona,
who helped rescue a seal entangled in a net in La Jolla, CA.

Save Us From Ourselves - A Commentary on the Seal Rescue

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Sunday Evenings from - 7 to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time

Mission statement: A BOLD new sculpturally based fired up fellowship program, which will bask in the joy of sharing pure, true scripture with other followers and believers of God and Jesus. The mission is to read scripture and apply it to our every day lives.

Our core belief at 11th Hour Ministries is that all engagement and fellowship follows one simple rule, "keep it real". If it's in the Bible we believe it, and if it's not we dont. Quoting pure scripture with one another is the only way God intended to be heard. Jesus quotes "for it is written" for a very specific reason.

For all glory and honor is God's and it's only through his precise wording of scripture that his will shall be done.The last chapter of the bible makes it crystal clear. Don't add or subtract one word.

An unclear understanding requires mandatory cross referencing to study it out. We refuse to perpetuate the lethargic ungrateful standard of worship, currently accepted by all Luke warm believers in God.

Furthermore, our purpose is to educate those whom are mocking God by thinking they can live with what we have phrased "the religion of convenience" or trying to appease God. Lastly, for anyone brazen enough to promote sin, all hell belongs to you and your descendants, on earth and forever more.

This provocative, no- nonsense forum has been established by true Christian disciples that unconditionally believe that the Bible is our gift written by and according to the living God and every single word in it is God breathed. In support of this conviction, we will march forward and forge ahead, boldly proclaiming the fact and truths exactly as quoted in the Bible, to this dark and lost generation.

Foremost, we believe that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son Of God and the only redeemer of mankind. Also that Jesus Christ died and rose again on the 3rd day for the redemption of every mans sins.

For those in this world, that choose to promote sin, make no mistake about it you are the enemy of God, Jesus Christ, All Scripture and God's chosen ones. The God of all mankind and creator of the universe cannot and will not be mocked. The Bible clearly states in Deuteronomy 10:22 "just as it pleased God to raise you up and increase you in number, so it will please him to ruin and destroy you."

For all those who oppose the Word of God we simply have this to say. We're tired of being ripped off by SATAN and his misguided followers. We are hereby confirming that not for one more minute will this brotherhood sit by and watch your evil schemes and trickery be broadcast into this world and to God's children.

For those in this world who are sitting on the fence, get in the game.

For those in this world who believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible get busy doing your job.

This miracle in motion operates with a single principle "were keepin' it real for Christ."

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