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Build Self Confidence, Eliminate Bad Habits,
Unleash the Power Within you?

- Feel worthwhile, self-confident, zestful.
- Become happier at home. Develop patience.
- Acquire the ability to become calm in any situation.
- Make better decisions
- Improve concentration
- Overcome procrastination
- Become more in touch with your emotions
- Reduce conflict and stress
- Sleep easily and soundly
- Sell and present yourself with dynamic confidence & enthusiasm.
- Increase your income.
- Attract others. Develop successful relationships
- Eliminate negative thoughts at will..
- Free yourself from anger. Get over your fear of rejection.
- Achieve your goals. Chart the course you deserve.
- Program your mind for success.
- Develop the ability to visualize and implement the future you want
John Petrocelli, Founder of the Hypnosis Center

Hypnosis has been used for:
Stopping Smoking | Weight Loss | Eliminating Stress
Treating Depression | Ridding Yourself of Anxieties |
Panic Disorder | Phobias | Pain Control
Sports Improvement | Helping Children
Enjoying Your Sexuality and More
Eliminating Drugs & Alcohol
Medical Hypnosis
Plus Much More

By Appointment Only
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212 964 - 4450

The Hypnosis Center utilizes cutting edge,
results-orientated hypnosis.

Trancecoach NYC
John Petrocelli, Marc Carlin, Michael Hurley, Kevin O'Kane, Bill Lukas, Shauntay Williams

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