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Quickly learn about hypnosis misconceptions and how our unique New York Hypnosis approach works.

Quit Smoking:

Learn more our proven hypnosis stop smoking New York system here.
Listen to one of our many former smokers in his own words:
Matt Hampton, New York City

Weight Loss Hypnosis:

Read an article on how weight loss hypnosis new york works.

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Welcome to Absolute Peak Hypnosis, the home of the "leading stop smoking and weight loss hypnosis program in NYC and New York."

At the AbsolutePeak Hypnosis Center in New York City, you can easily change any unwanted behavior or habit such as stop overeating, stop smoking, and more with cutting-edge hypnosis.

However, not all hypnotists are created equally. Many are inexperienced or using outdated techniques and therapies, resulting in an ineffective process.

At our hypnosis New York center, using our unique approach to hypnosis, the AbsolutePeak Hypnosis Center has helped many people in New York City change their lives quickly--even after the first session--with cutting-edge hypnosis techniques.

Even if you don't live in New York or the Tri-State Area, learn how you can benefit with our unique custom hypnosis CD's or call to learn more about hypnosis phone sessions.

Click on the What is Hypnosis? button on the left navigation bar to discover the common misconceptions and fears people often have about this life-changing modality.

So whether you're looking for free information on Weight Loss Hypnosis New York, or how hypnosis to stop smoking works, or if you'd like to manage stress, anxiety or depression, or improve sleep, our hypnosis New York can help.

We also deal with many other challenges in at our New York Hypnosis center. Just a sampling of issues we deal with are:

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis: the quickest, easiest, safest way to lose weight permanently, by dealing with the root cause of the weight gain!

  • Quit Smoking without cravings, withdrawal, or weight gain with our unique two-session hypnosis to stop smoking!

  • Gain unstoppable Self-Confidence: Eliminate Fear and Shyness Forever, and feel sure of yourself in every situation in life

  • Stress Management: Learn to manage your stress by "listening to" and dealing with the causes of your stress

  • Peak Performance: Achieve Your Peak Artistic, Athletic, or Academic Peak Performance, doing more than you ever thought possible!

  • Increase your sales by bringing out the very best salesman within you!

  • Eliminate nail biting and be proud of your beautiful newly grown fingernails

  • Successfully and easily gain control over alcohol consumption, and eliminate the need to ever drink again, by dealing with the root cause of it!

  • Migraine Headaches: Never suffer through another migraine again!

  • Insomnia: Drift off quickly to sleep, and sleep soundly through the night

  • Eliminate Procrastination, and much more

For any issues NOT on this list, do not hesitate to call us at our Hypnosis New York center. Please feel confident and realize that at some point we have dealt with almost every imagined challenge, we have probably worked with one like yours as well!

As the founder and director of the AbsolutePeak Hypnosis Center, I'd like to personally thank you for visting our New York City Hypnosis center web site, and invite you to take your time exploring the vast amount of FREE hypnosis information on this site.


Joshua L. Singer, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotist
Director and Founder, AbsolutePeak Hypnosis Center - New York City
Director and Founder, Colorado Hypnosis Center


If you have any further questions about hypnosis or our services please feel confident that we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Contact us with any questions you might have or for your FREE, no-obligation phone consultation at:


AbsolutePeak Hypnosis Center
44 East 32nd Street (btw. Park and Madison)
11th Floor (TRS Professional Suites)
New York, NY 10025
Office Hours by Appointment

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