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Narberth Family Medicine & Acupuncture Center
822 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 315, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072
610-667-4601 · Fax 610-667-6416 · E-Mail · Contact By Form

Narberth Family Medicine is a holistic, alternative medical practice, emphasizing interactive decision making between doctor and patient.

THE TEN DAY ALKALIZING, ENERGIZING CLEANSE - from Mary Ann Settembrino's radio interview

Services Available: Click here for service overview, or use the links below for detailed descriptions.
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition & Dietary counseling
  • Herbology
  • Biosensitivity & Enzyme Therapy
  • PAP-IMI (Pain Reduction with Pulsed
    Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Massage - Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu
Hours: - Hours are by appointment only and are subject to change
Monday - 9AM to 5PM, Tuesday - 8AM to 6PM, Wednesday - 9AM to 12PM
Thursday - 8AM to 6PM, Friday - 9AM to 12PM

Narberth Family Medicine & Acupuncture Center is part of the Health and Wellness Network