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Mind Over Markets - Marketing and Business Development Services for Holistic Doctors and Practitioners


As a holistic practitioner, you've probably spent years becoming impeccably trained in the holistic healing arts and medicine. Yet, I have found that one of the most difficult things for small business owners to do is market their products or services. That's not what you've spent years training for. But I have.

I would like to offer you a free marketing coaching session to see if Marketing Coaching or Personal Coaching with me is right for you.

A Brief Introduction

I have worked in marketing from Madison Avenue to Main Street America -- for over 25 years and combined this with my 15 years in the holistic field and green movement. I have helped launch a number of green and holistic companies, institutes and services from Marsha Mason's Resting in the River Organic Farm & Natural Products to The Institute of Holistic Health Studies at Western Connecticut State University to entrepreneurs like you.

As an entrepreneur myself, I developed a line of products in my basement and in four years sold my business to the second largest food company in the world. How did I do this? Marketing, strategic planning and consistency.

What I love to do is work one-on-one with holistic and green business owners to help them navigate the marketing maze so that they too can grow their businesses to new levels of success.

Here are some of the areas I can help you with:

  • Developing a Marketing Action Plan for your business and lifestyle
  • Creating customized marketing solutions specific to your business needs
  • Identifying the best traditional and guerilla marketing strategies and tactics
  • Obtaining ongoing guidance on all company communications
  • Assisting in development of product and/or services to enhance your business and bottom-line
  • Navigating Public Relations and traditional and digital marketing
  • And more...
As a business owner, you are often alone in making big decisions regarding the future of your business. I can help you make wise ones that are right for you, your business and lifestyle. I invite you to check out my websites to learn more about how we can work together.

For a free coaching session, please call me at 505-231-2342 or fill out the form below.

Most sincerely,
Carolyn Parrs

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Carolyn Parrs Bio
Carolyn Parrs is the founder of Women with Wings Whole Life & Whole Business Coaching dedicated to helping empower women and children to reach their full potential and serve the greater good. She has a private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico and by phone across the United States.

Carolyn is both an accomplished business woman and holistic practitioner. She has taught Meditation, Yoga and Body & Energy Therapies at Western Connecticut State University, Danbury and Wilton Public Schools, Danbury Hospital and at Fortune 500 companies. Her talks and guided meditations include gatherings at the United Nations and Carnegie Hall.

She is also a Marketing Coach and co-founder of Mind Over Markets, a marketing/business development company in Santa Fe, New Mexico that helps socially responsible businesses and organizations take their companies to the next level of success. Her personal and professional commitment is to serve organizations whose products, services and values help create positive change and serve the public good. Her award-winning marketing initiatives have produced an outstanding track record of success.

Carolyn is also the creator and host of the popular eco Podcast, America the Green. Some of the guests Carolyn has interviewed include Thom Hartmann, Nell Newman of Newman's Own, George Siemon of Organic Valley and Paul Hawken. America the Green is currently one of the top ranked environmental podcasts on iTunes.

Her experience in both the creative and the business aspects of marketing led to the development and marketing of her own company, Poochi Canine Couture, Inc., a company that manufactured and designed fashion pet accessories and apparel.

Poochi sold in over 1,000 department stores, pet stores and mass market chains nationwide including Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Harrod's of London, Dayton-Hudson, the Spiegal Catalog, Target, Venture and Ames stores. After four years, Poochi was acquired by the second largest food company in the world. She and her products have appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News and on numerous radio and cable shows such as HBO, CNN and Lifetime Channel. Magazine and newspaper coverage include The New York Times, L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

Prior to founding Poochi, she worked as a Senior Copywriter at several top New York City advertising agencies such as Benton & Bowles and Wunderman Worldwide serving clients such as AT&T, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, General Foods, Richardson-Vicks, Manufacturer's Hanover Trust and Time/Life Books. As a Marketing Executive, her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organizations and small to medium-sized businesses nationwide.

In 2003, combining her marketing skills and her passion for holistic health and alternative medicine, Carolyn was the Director of Marketing at the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at Western Connecticut State University. There she helped develop, produced and marketed the Institute's curriculum and programming. The special events she produced and marketed, featuring speakers such as Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Joan Borysenko and Neale Donald Walsch, were enjoyed by sold-out audiences.

She was also the Creator, Producer and Host of Inner Journey, a popular television talk show that focused on personal growth and health. Some of the guests Carolyn has interviewed include Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Caroline Myss, Dr. Joan Borysenko and Gabrielle Roth. Inner Journey reached over 1.7 million homes in NYC, CT and NJ.

Carolyn lives in Santa Fe with her husband, two children, Zachary and Joelle, two pups, Heart and Soul, and her cat, Marble-eyes.

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