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Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior

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Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior

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Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior

Neil Ostroff's science fiction story Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior thrills young adults with the intriguing story of Tim, an ordinary thirteen-year-old, whose life is changed forever when an inter-dimensional race determines that he is Earth's only hope for rescue.

Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior thrusts young readers into immediate action, capturing their imaginations with dreams of aliens, daring adventures and hope for the future. The hero, Tim Madison, is someone readers can relate to who overcomes problems through force of will and the assistance of his friends--an important life lesson for all young adults.

"(Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior) is among the best young adult books I have ever read," says freelance editor Dr. Bob Rich. "The language is perfect for the age group. The story line is clear and easy to follow. Any young teenager will readily identify with the main characters and be drawn into the story."

Ostroff's intention in writing Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior was to pen a unique novel, differentiated from other young adult science fiction books by taking place in modern times and addressing the problems and concerns of contemporary middle school students. "I wanted to speak directly to these kids," explains Ostroff. "I was thirteen when I wrote the first draft of Tim Madison, Galactic Warrior. I know exactly the kind of characters this group of young adults relates to."

About the Author
Neil Ostroff has written two other novels in this science fiction series for young adults, Cloud People and Insectland. In addition, Ostroff has written the adult suspense novels, The Highway Killer and Holy Degenerates.

Ostroff was raised in a rural town west of Philadelphia. His fantasy and science fiction stories have appeared in over forty magazines. Ostroff is an avid outdoorsman when not working on his novels.