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Patricia Zirin, M.F.A,, M.A, Spiritual Psychology U.S.M.,
Certified Muse Facilitator, Ordained Minister MSIA since 1985.

The Crossroads of Life My focus and thrust is to support you to see your own divinity and to experience release from your judgments, which are usually at the core of pain. Once this is accomplished I will assist you to access your inner knower so you can learn to trust yourself on your own journey to become all that you wish, thus able to trust your own creativity and freedom of expression.

"We are all born as creative beings. We are all part of creation. Naturally. God said, make a noise. She never put a qualifier on it. Somewhere along the line, we have, and I am here to assist people in allowing themselves to get back to that natural state of just expressing themselves."

"I do not believe for one second that cave people went into the caves, drew pictures and then stepped back and had a critique!" Patricia has been an ordained minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness since 1985. Click here for more about Patricia.


E-mail counsel or e-coaching is when a professional coach or minister or psychotherapist 'talks' with you over the Internet, to give you assistance in areas where you feel challenged. It could be one question, or an ongoing conversation; it could be by e-mail, chat, video or even Internet phone. At "Mind-Blowing Creativity" we utilize e-mail and chat, unless otherwise agreed upon.

We offer absolutely confidential, professional, empathetic, compassionate, one-on-one e-mail and phone counsel in any areas that relate to creativity blocks and expression.

E-coaching is not psychotherapy. It should not be compared to psychotherapy. It is not a substitute for traditional psychotherapy. Working with a therapist in person can still be better. But many people cannot, for whatever reason, see a therapist or coach in person. E-coaching is a form of assistance which can be a very effective and helpful resource.

NOTICE: If you are in a crisis or emergency situation or you are having thoughts about killing yourself or others, this site is not appropriate for you. Call 1-800-SUICIDE from anywhere in the U.S. or look in your phone book for a mental health hotline OR go to a hospital. We do care and feel compassion for your pain, but this site is focused on self-help and is not set up for handling a crisis. Please seek professional help in your community or talk to someone you trust like parents, your doctor, a relative, friend, minister, priest, rabbi, teacher, co-worker, employee assistance counselor, school counselor, crisis helpline, or other trusted individual.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do" - Rumi

"Mind-Blowing Creativity"
Patricia Zirin, M.F.A,, M.A, Spiritual Psychology U.S.M.
113 Wilson Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406 Phone: 610-962-0886

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