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Lead Encapsulation and Lead-Free Bathtubs

In an April 19, 1995 Good Morning America Broadcast, they stated that bathtubs were America's most unexpected source of lead exposure for children. This is also true to this day. They also stated that as of late 1995, manufacturers were continuing to use poisonous substances in the manufacturing of bathtubs. This is a concern for all of us, as lead exposure can cause serious illness especially in children.

In another article Claud Linges, President of American Lead Consultants said," We find lead in tubs 50% of the time, when inspecting older homes". This is why it is so very important to test your bathtub for lead. Small children are the most effected by lead exposure. Even in small amounts lead exposure can effect the development of our children. Most children are exposed to lead, in bathtubs by drinking the water.

There are only two solutions to this problem they are removal, or refinishing of the bathtub. The most cost effective is refinishing. By encapsulating the bathtub, you are eliminating the lead exposure. Bathtubs tested as much as 8 years, after refinishing have shown no traces of lead.

If you are thinking of purchasing an older claw footed bathtub, or if you own a cast iron tub, make sure you test it for lead before use. These bathtubs contain a lot of lead in the porcelain and in the cast iron. Most claw footed bathtubs have also been painted, on the exterior with old lead based paints. Children should never be exposed to these bathtubs unless the tub has been properly refinished by a professional. Garden State Bath Systems, Inc. can test your tub for lead and provide a service that can help your family if you do find lead.

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