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What benefit can an ATM machine bring to my business?
Consumers today see ATM's as a necessity not just convenience. Cash dispensing ATM's have become the fastest growing and most requested service in North America. Initially banks operated expensive lease line ATM's. With the introduction of dial up ATM's, owners became aware of the great benefits of having an ATM on-site.

Some additional benefits of an ATM include:

Builds Traffic
Consumers depend on ATM's for cash. An ATM at your location attracts customers by allowing them to combine banking and shopping in one trip.

Builds Sales
The typical ATM customer spends 20% more than a non-ATM customer. Great opportunity to increase your sales through on-screen advertising and coupon options on the ATM.

Increase Foot Traffic

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase sales from existing customers
  • Eliminate the need to accept checks
Surcharge Revenue
2-4 percent of foot traffic will use your ATM. The ATM owner who provides vault cash receives 100% of the surcharge revenue. 300 transactions at $1.50 = $450.00 per month ATM's are Affordable
Minimal invest for the added convenience and profit Multiple ownership options such as purchasing, leasing or credit card

ATM's are a Profit Center
Having an ATM can build customer loyalty by providing services customers expect and need. After as few as 150 transactions per month, each transaction makes you money The following is an example of a location that does only 300 (10 per day) transactions per month with different surcharge income levels.

Avg. Amount Dispensed per transaction Natl. Avg. Spent per transaction 30% Profit Margin of Amount Spent Surcharge Income True Net Profit per transaction Natl. Avg Monthly transactions per Retail location Total Profit per month plus surcharge income Surcharge Income Profit per month
$60.00 $12.00 $3.60 $1.50 $5.10 300 $1,530 $450
$60.00 $12.00 $3.60 $1.75 $5.35 300 $1,605 $525
$60.00 $12.00 $3.60 $2.00 $5.60 300 $1,680 $600

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